Hands and ferns

Ferns sampled for isotopic analyses, Newfoundland, Canada

Dr. Sharon Billings

Dr. Sharon Billings, PI (sharon dot billings -at- ku dot edu)

I am an ecosystem ecologist with interests that include biogeochemistry, soil organic matter dynamics, stable isotope ecology, and climate change.  I work at the interface of the biotic and abiotic worlds, trying to understand how vegetation and microbes both respond to and shape the chemical and physical environment. 


Emma Hauser, Ph.D. candidate


Lígia Souza, Ph.D. candidate


Soudeh Ghasemian, Ph.D. aspirant


Dr. Xi Zhang, post-doctoral scholar (co-mentored with Dr. Pamela Sullivan at OSU)



Kyler Lang, Undergraduate Research Experience Fellow

Ashmika Behere, undergraduate research assistant

Jonathan Boyd, undergraduate research assistant



Maryam Ahmad, undergraduate research assistant



Former post-docs and associate researchers

Christoph Lehmeier Christoph Lehmeier, post-doctoral scholar 2011-2013 and associate researcher 2015-2017
samik_full_cropped Samik Bagchi, post-doctoral scholar 2015-2017
Dr. Kate Buckeridge Dr. Kate Buckeridge, post-doctoral scholar 2013-2015
Jianwei Li Jianwei Li, post-doctoral scholar 2009-2012

Former Ph.D. students

Kyungjin Min Kyungjin (KJ) Min, Ph.D. 2017
Alexis Reed Alexis (Reed) Boone, Ph.D. 2012
Lisa Tiemann Lisa Tiemann, Ph.D. 2011, now a faculty member at Michigan State University

Former Master’s student

Betsy Elizabeth Gaydess, Master’s 2006

Former Visiting Scholar

Huang Zhiqun Dr. Zhiqun Huang, Fuijan Normal University,China (2014-2015)

Former student research technicians

Regina Thomas, Research Technician (Master’s student in Geography)
Steven Winkler, Research Experience for Undergraduates student, 2019
Chris Gough, undergraduate research assistant
Armeliz Romero, student in NSF’s Research Experience for Undergraduates, 2018
Rena Stair, undergraduate research assistant
Rachel Jenkins, undergraduate research assistant
Keelen Barger Keelan Barger, undergraduate research technician
Samantha Elledge Samantha Elledge, undergraduate research technician
carl pic Carl Heroneme, undergraduate research technician
soil_pit Rebecca Flournoy, student in NSF’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program in 2015
Julia Yang Julia Yang Undergraduate Honors Researcher
Yanjun Chen Yanjun Chen, Undergraduate Researcher
Mitch Mitch Sellers, Undergraduate Researcher
Francisco Murphy Francisco Murphy, student in NSF’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program in 2013
 Nichole Niehues edited_260x0 Nicole Niehues, Undergraduate Researcher
 nameer-baker-2-copy_med Nameer Baker, Undergraduate Researcher
 felton_web_small Ryan Felton, undergraduate research assistant
TatarkoAnna_260x0 Anna Tatarko, undergraduate research assistant
Laurel Haavik Laurel Haavik, Undergraduate Honors Research and Fellowship awardee
Ryan Rastok Ryan Rastok, Undergraduate Technician
 Michelle Mubarak Michelle Mubarak, Undergraduate Technician
 Alison King Alison King, undergraduate Honors Researcher
 Caroline Hill Caroline Hill, undergraduate research assistant
alex bittel Alex Bittel, undergraduate research assistant
Upper Bear Creek-2 Lisa Tiemann, student in NSF’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program in 2005
E3_aerial Courtney Brewer, student in NSF’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program in 2004
drewdodson Drew Dodson, undergraduate research assistant
 yenle Yen Le, undergraduate research assistant
image not avail Trisha Schrum, undergraduate research assistant
image not avail Rebecca Russell, undergraduate research assistant